Cultural Campfire Friday May 4

Blooming Golden Berry Manzanita in the Garden

The next Cultural Campfire is tomorrow, May 4, at 7:30PM.

Bring a mat to sit on the ground. Bring your own utensils and cup; it’s a zero waste cultural event.

The topic is the historical trial of Toypurina, which took place in 1785 in the San Gabriel Mission. Toypurina belonged to the indigenous community known as the Tongva/Gabrielino tribe. Her indigenous community covered what is now known as the Los Angeles Basin Area. She lived during the beginning of the California mission era.  She organized an uprising against the San Gabriel Mission in 1785. She was captured and held  captive for one year in the Mission’s dungeon before she going to trial.  After her trial she was found guilty and banished to the Mission Carmel in northern California.

From 1785 on, Toypurina’s descendants continued living in Northern California. This year on March 31, 2012, her living relatives were honored at the Anabolic Monument Native Plant Garden in the Los Angeles California State Historic Park, which is believed to be the Tongva village of Yangna.


Anabolic Monument Native Plant Garden at the Los Angeles State Historic Park.

1245 N. Spring Los Angeles, CA 90012.

North end of the park. Parking available on Baker Street.

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