Everything is Medicine

“we cannot separate ourselves from nature. we are in it. it is in us.”

Everything is Medicine is a class, a community, a vision and a way of life. Everything is Medicine is a project of Olivia Chumacero in partnership with the Metabolic Studio,  the California State Parks Foundation and the Los Angeles Historic State Park, to share and cultivate indigenous history, culture and traditions, especially those of the Tongva and other indigenous communities of Southern California.

Everything is Medicine focuses on the  healing, edible and cultural gifts of our plant relatives but the sessions are not exclusive to plants, for it imparts knowledge that encompasses our manner of walking on our mother planet as a whole. It introduces us to the ongoing kinship that we share with everything that sustains life and the continuous gifts from our relatives the plants, animals, water, air and our mother earth. Sessions are held in the Anabolic Monument (a living art sculpture designed by artist Lauren Bon) downtown at the Los Angeles Historic State Park.

We would like to thank the Metabolic Studio and Lauren Bon for making this series possible for the community.

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