TONIGHT Cultural Campfire – Friday April 5th at 7:00 PM


Don’t miss the next Cultural Campfire with guest presenter Eli Martinez on the topic of Quinoa and Food Sovereignty in Bolivia.

Quinoa & Camelids
Fads, they come and go, but food is forever?

You are invited to join the first of a series of dialogues about all-hailed Quinoa & Camelids. With their boisterous acclimatization to both rough Bolivian highlands and the American palette, quinoa and camelids are the characters to the tell-all truth of Quinoa Real’s (Chenopodium quinoa) rise to health-conscious and trendy food-stardom. However, like most superstars, what goes up, must come down. This truth is not far from the reality currently faced by the Bolivian campesinos (peasant farmers) working to satiate the North’s consumer demand for quinoa in spite of stressed highland soils and watersheds. Moreover, the illusion of a laissez-faire market suited to the needs of campesinos is nothing more than a delusion—a delusion contradictory to a centuries-old and sovereign food system made up of resilient plants, fauna and farmers.

Having recently returned from a Food Sovereignty Tour of the Bolivian altiplano (highlands) with the Institute of Food and Development Policy, L.A. native, Éli Martinez, met with Bolivian NGO activists, scientists and policy analysts in an effort to understand the Andean food system. She has returned home to LA to disseminate information about how we may reform our own broken food system and reclaim the urban space as our own sovereign and progressivist food shed. She currently gardens throughout Los Angeles.

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