foto by Clare Fox(foto by Clare Fox)



We had over four hundred people attend and the children were most content when sitting in the mud pit with their friends and family.  All the guest Elders that dropped by were generous with their words and attention to the care of our mother planet.

Lets continue on this path as a community that embraces its responsibility to nurture and generate biodiversity in the midst of a mega urban setting. Please join us in the continued care of the Anabolic native flora, remember “we can not separate ourselves from nature, we are in it, it is in us.”

foto by Janie(Sweet Water singing, foto by Janie) 

We want to thank the following people and organizations for their generosity and  our mother planet:, SEACA, Back2Nature, Art&Nature, The Metabolic Studio ,Theodore Payne Foundation,  Tiat Society, the Tlinget people, the Brazilian Dance Ensemble, Mexika Danzantes, Japanese traditional flute and drum, Tongva cordage makers, Southern California Native Basket Weavers, Community for A Better Environment, and the many volunteers who made it all possible.

foto by Janie(Frannie wearing mask and Chumash Owl paint, foto by Janie)

Everything IMedicine

Classes are open to the general public every Wednesday from 6:30-9:00 pm  October 16, – November 20, 2013 at the North end of the State Historic Park downtown Los Angeles. Please dress appropriately for outside weather.

We meet in the Anabolic native flora area at the far north end of the park. Sessions include the maintenance of native flora and their cultural, edible and medicinal use.  In exchange for the class we ask that you provide at least 40 hours of volunteer time in a two and month period.

Please email me at everythingismedicine@gmail.com if you are interested in attending.

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One Response to CEANOTHUS LA 2013 A SUCCESS!! Thank You!

  1. Ceanothus LA was such a beautiful event ❤ I appreciate all the various communities that came together that day and shared this beautiful & sacred space. The youth from SEACA loved & had so much fun at the workshops & all the elders &people that shared & spoke knowledge & traditions & dance & song. The Pilipino community, my family & friends, loved connecting to the indigenous plants & elders & people in the Anabolic space. My father couldnt get enough of taking pictures with the snake like squash & was amazed how rich & fertile the soil was. Oh, and looking at all the cute babies playin in the mud was sooo adorable. THANK YOU CEANOTHUS LA! MABUHAY CEANOTHUS LA! May the community continue to build & enjoy this beautiful space ❤ We look forward to more community gatherings 🙂

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