Cultural Campfire: Uranium Impact on Tribal Lands & People

Please join Everything is Medicine this coming Friday, December 6th at 7pm for a cultural campfire with world-renowned speaker, Manuel Pino about environmental protection and the impacts of uranium mining in the Southwest U.S.

Manuel PinoManuel Pino, is from Acoma Pueblo, New Mexico. He is currently a professor of sociology and coordinator of American Indian Studies at Scottsdale Community College. Mr. Pino teaches the world at large about the toxic health effects derived from uranium mining.  His mission is to ensure that the resistance to nuclear power and nuclear weapons is passed on to the younger generations. Like a messenger who passes on the important dispatch to the outstretched hand of the runner ahead: “The uranium must remain in the earth. “

Location:   Metabolic Studio 1475 N. Spring Unit #4, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Bring your own chair/mat/eating & drinking utensils. We will be sitting  around the fire in the Anabolic garden area. Potluck style. Please dress for the cold.

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