Volunteer plants in Anabolic tractor scars

Amaranth, Zempoalxochitl/Marigold, y Maiz volunteer plants growing out of the tractor scars left from the destruction of the Anabolic circle. Little did they know they were helping us spread and sow our seeds.


Sunday- March 30, 2014
8a.m. – 1p.m.

Please join us for this Action Day in the Anabolic Native Garden
at the north end of the Los Angeles State Historic Park. The park is beginning its transitional design work and we are attempting to save as much of the native flora as possible. Note that you must bring your own tools to work with and planting containers.

Our functions always strive to generate Zero Waste so please prepare accordingly.

There are hundreds of volunteer plants that can be transplanted into 4×4 inch containers. Here is the list of flora that you will be able to carry home if you so wish. Salvia Apiana, Amaranth (red & green) Zempoalxochitl, Yarrow, and Mugwort just to name a few.

The Anabolic Native garden is disappearing before our very eyes. The flora and fauna will no longer exist but we have found some good homes for many of the larger native plants. We are glad to announce that the Haramonkngna American Indian Cultural Center up by Mt. Wilson will be home to some of the sages and ceanothus.


POTLUCK STYLE so we can all share our food.

BYOC-bring your own chair
BYOU-bring your own eating & drinking utensils

Matetere’ba (many thanks in our Raramuri language)

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