November workshops at Here and Now studio


Everything-Is-Medicine (e.i.m.)

Olivia  Chumacero founder of Everything-Is-Medicine  (e.i.m.) speaks from an indigenous perspective, and teaches  that our kinship with everything life sustaining, should be one of respect, and gratefulness.

She will be teaching on  Wednesdays this November 5, 12, & 19 from 7-9pm. at:

Here And Now studio in El Sereno. Address: 5471 Huntington Dr. L.A. 90032. 

These  workshops will focus on the healing, edible, and cultural gifts of our California native plant relatives. The session is not exclusive to plants however, she imparts knowledge that encompasses our responsibility as stewards of our home planet. There will be a sliding scale charge for the classes.



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3 Responses to November workshops at Here and Now studio

  1. Ramona Alonzo says:

    When I signed up for this class 2 years ago, I thought I was going to learn how to take care of plants and how they would take care of me. I did learn that and so much more! More than I could have ever imagined; I learned how to take care of myself! Sounds basic but Olivia took basic concepts about living and Be-ing to a whole other level that I now have a better understanding of our relationship to each other and all that is on Mother Earth!

  2. Ramona Alonzo says:


  3. nana says:

    Hello, what is the fee (range) per class?

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