e.i.m. Workshops December, 2014

Everything-Is-Medicine (e.i.m.)

We are humyns  We belong to the tribe of humyn beings and we only have one home, one habitat, we call her mother Earth. The clouds that move from her oceans into the mainland of our habitat are FREE.  Clouds visit us as snow, hail, sleet, rain, fog or dew. Once they have descended, an intricate and long lasting  dance begins. Perpetually they move through the diverse environments that comprise our habitat.  Having changed their cloak into liquid H2O they seek to return to their place of birth, the oceans. They are however very long winded. Upon returning they spill onto the ocean with a telling of stories, and tribulations. Occasionally the telling is in lullaby tonalities. At other times the telling is a tempest of recall, littered with poisoning wastes, which give rise to gales, laments and a torrent of invisible tears.

Everything is medicine; our stories, our points of view, our association with life sustaining properties, what we eat,  or how we greet the day, yes everything is medicine.  Each one of us individually sets the tone for the day just through the dialogue that we carry on in our heads WITH ourselves. Wake up.  Our mother planet, this habitat, this Earth we call home, needs our help.

Sessions for December will be Wednesday,  3, 10, 17  from 7-9pm. at:                                  Here And Now studio in El Sereno. Address: 5471 Huntington Dr. L.A. 90032. 

Sliding scale at the door beginning with a $10.00 minimum.




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