NATIVE SEEDS 1-27-2018

To-date this winter season continues to be without rainfall, but drought tolerant native California flora is at our aid. So in support of our homeland we will impart e.i.m.’s prevalent philosophy, which is to build relationship with land, flora and fauna. Come join us and prepare yourself for total immersion in this four-hour native seeds experience. Bring an open mind and know that all your senses will be touched because it is a very hands-on workshop.

We will cover germination techniques used by the Tongva people for thousands of years. We’ll introduce seed fermentation for edible and medicinal use. Everyone will prepare and take home, some honey mesquite chia, sun cookies. The session will be lead by Olivia Chumacero at the Women’s Center for Creative Work in Los Angeles. Sensible foot-ware and attire is advised.

Everything Is Medicine (e.i.m. events are always zero-waste)   RSVP

Address:  2425 Glover Place,  Los Angeles CA 90031                                                                Contact:   Sarah Williams Managing Director                                                                           Phone:     323.739.8847

We humyns live on this planet as an integral species of our environment and are merely one manifestation of the millions of species which claim this air, this water, this light, this earth, as our collective home.”  Olivia Chumacero




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