Native Plant Garden

The Native Plant Garden at the Anabolic Monument is located in the Los Angeles State Historic Park just north of Downtown Los Angeles. The Anabolic Monument is a public art project of Lauren Bon and Metabolic Studio. Educator and consultant Olivia Chumacero cares for the Native Plant Garden along with her students in the Everything is Medicine class.

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2 Responses to Native Plant Garden

  1. jojazz says:

    I love and enjoy this page! Thank you for posting the beautiful imgaes of the wonderful plants and their name. As much as I take notes, I think I can finally learn them this way. Thanks again.

  2. Eugene Lopez says:

    So many lessons, there are
    About existence and love
    To be pondered
    Be evaluated
    To be brought to harmony
    Within this perennial space of equilibrium

    My tender heart is open and free
    From the shackles of establishment
    Kindness is of abundance
    To give to my fellow humans

    Blessings and thanks to the garden
    Blessings and thanks to you
    Blessings and thanks to our Mother
    Thank the spirits of our ancestors

    Fellow humans know
    Energy we feel
    Energy we breathe
    The time is now

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