U are a dot
A point
A speck
An image
A stillness
A shadow
A  centrifugal  force
Turning into itself
Emanating   heat
Emanating light
You  are a transient warmth
Wave like u exist
Resonating properties
As body
As mind
As heart
As human
You are
One dot in trillions exponentially
Sifting through motion
Expressed as e=motion
You are engulfed in water
From the inside out
Wrapped in the Arms of giver of air
Held ephemerally by the heart of sky
In suspended attraction to the wooing of earth
You are reflecting ash  taken to travel
Bathing in sun rays
Resting as moonlight
You are a resonant echo
Given to name matter
Bouncing dot like
You are a distance timber
Specified to forms
A mountain
A valley
A hill
A meadow
A dune
A desert
Exacting measure
You Are
A magnitude of existences

©  Olivia Chumacero





running cloud

One day

I woke up

Amidst clouds floating

around the ankles of the cedar

and the pine tree


by their hum

I drank to quench a thirst

So fierce

That Droplets, though they rained

by the millions Per second

Only made me more

More insatiable


as I lay there

Deep inside the Forge of life

A cutting ray began to warm me

Sooth me

Allaying my fears

Marrying themselves

To each soaring flight of




Steeped in awe, in wonder

I offered

the only thing that is mine to give

My song

My word…

To walk respectfully

Upon Her

This mother earth

This one home

That makes


A relative

© Olivia Chumacero


……………………pick a question

what stellar alchemy stirs

in the genetic memory of us all

which moon which star is laid at rest

when we are turned to ash

who speaks

for the searching nature of water flow

filled with codes deciphered

through the minds eye

what sea is spilled upon entering this world

where curiosity unfolds

atop an elliptic surf of recalled pain

what sounds unlock subconscious vision

upon the first inhale of human cries

why do our words travel

through the continuum of no space

which stage is it when we decide

to pay attention to the wisdom of our own life

we children in training

learning how to be human

are we the future here now

–  © Olivia Chumacero

(given to moments of pure conversion disorder)


2 Responses to Poetry

  1. C.R. says:

    Olivia you are the post modern “urban-native” version of Rumi ❤ C.R.

  2. Cuco Es[peransa says:

    The Garden of Rejuvenation

    The metabolic garden is not just any garden ; it is a natural healing center . Since I have begun to go there I have healed ; not only from depressions I was unaware of , I healed from my body and soul as I worked slow and continuously in the maintenance of mother earths natural plant life . From her I learnt the plant life cycles and how they too run concurrently with our life cycles . Another part of what I learned was how to speak to the plants ; and they said thank you for taking care of them , then they showed me how I too have cycles and how we all depend on each other . I have noticed how the gardens surrounding government buildings in L.A.are now using the same plants we are growing here naturally ; which need minimum maintenance . So many have benefited from this garden ..So I give thanks to Olivia Chumasero for creating and bringing this healing center to us ; and I pray , the government council have the opportunity to see how we have been preserving the original native nations gathering center these last eight years . All we ask is two acres be allocated to these people ; so they can continue to give healing through ceremonies and planting classes which have benefited many of our children . The most beautiful part is that your children and mine can all benefit as we all work together . I firmly believe this can heal many people in the future ; and saving this garden should be a priority consideration …

    Cuco Esperansa

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